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Cardiknox Is Calling All The “Bad Boys”

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em

What is it about the bad boys that keep folks coming back for more? You know, the ones you probably shouldn't bring home to the parents but still do because "it's not just a phase, guys!"? Yeah, been there... multiple times...

Never, though, has their allure sounded as bubbly as it does in Cardiknox's new song, "Bad Boys." This bright, bouncy gem of a pop song wears its retro dance floor influences on its sleeve. Where's the roller disco when you want one, huh?

"'Bad Boys,' more than any other song we’ve written, feels, in a lot of ways, like an homage to all the music our dads played for us as kids," the duo tells us. "The disco tropes and retro feel bring me right back to my childhood living room, with my dad flipping records and showing me what it was to truly love music."

Bad boys may not last, but a love of music is forever.