All The People Who Were Cancelled In 2017

Boys, bye

The end of the year calls for reflection. And so we’re taking the time, now, to reflect on all of the people who were revealed to be horrible and not worthy of our attention or money or admiration—all of the people that we symbolically canceled.

Now, a cancelation usually involves someone/something that was previously thought to be good. So, hateful groups of people like white supremacists have and always will be canceled automatically. Witness- era Katy Perry, however, has proven to be so insufferable that she earned herself a spot on the list. And, naturally, a ton of men have made it on there, too.

And so, in no particular order, we present the people and things we’ve x'ed out for the foreseeable future. We’re sure we’ve missed some, so just bear with us. It’s been a very long year. 

Matt Damon

Mayim Bialik

Katy Perry


James Charles

Kevin Spacey

The person who thought a Justin Timberlake Super Bowl performance was a good idea

Nick Carter

Harvey Weinstein

Russel Simmons


Ben Affleck

Ed Westwick

People magazine for its Sexiest Man Alive choice

Louis C.K.

Matt Lauer

Yandy’s Halloween costumes

Senator Al Franken 

Donna Karan

Dustin Hoffman

Chrisette Michele

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Martin Shkreli

Brand New

Jeffrey Tambor 

Bruce Weber

Mario Batali

All the new iterations of Crocs

Fyre Festival... literally

Kate Winslet

Keaton’s Mom

Taylor Swift’s snake persona