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    by · August 15, 2014

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    The Curator: Haley Stark, Art Director

    The News: Nick Jonas Wants to Take You Out to Lunch

    Next in my weekly report on teenage heartthrobs: You could win a L.A. lunch date with the youngest Jonas brother (for a starting price of $1,550+ and all for charity, of course). With an estimated value of $5,000, what kind of date could this be? Perhaps an aged strip steak bourguignonne and bottomless champagne at Chateau Marmont kind of date? P.S.— if this Jo Bro isn’t your cup of tea, Florence Welch, Zac Efron, Jon Hamm, and Zac Posen also have get-togethers up for grabs.

    The Look: Grey Hair, Don’t Care

    Many moons ago, minimalist blogger and DIY goddess Ivania Carpio dyed her hair from blonde to a minty silver hue. My teenage self crumbled under the awesomeness and I dreamed of someday also going grey. Fast forward to last Sunday, when I had a serious case of carpe diem during a hair salon trip. I’m loving my new grandmotherly locks and hopefully they’ll ease my baby-faced woe of getting carded for PG-13 movies (true story).

    The Face: Vampire Teeth

    Vampire teeth: A micro-trend just in time for pre-Halloween buzz. Little cute, pointy fangs are all over Tumblr and Instagram right now, including I Love You Magazine’s awesome editorial for Ina Beissner Jewelry, shot by Roman Goebel.

    The Inspiration: Kittens!!!

    Having a stressful day? Sad day? Any kind of day? Go here and hit refresh for an Emergency Kitten pick-me-up (or procrastination). While you’re at it, I’ll be trying to figure out how to make Cat Bounce my desktop background...

    The Song: “You Already Know” by Arcade Fire

    Ever have those days where you’re stuck in a villa surrounded by singing paintings, a band decked in all white, and blinding lights? Well, Win Butler of Arcade Fire feels that feel and he made an awesome lo-fi video about it. Watch below to see the band perform “You Already Know” in a pseudo-haunted mansion. And be sure to look closely to see mirror proof that Butler filmed the whole thing (insert mirror noir pun here).

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