Photo via @ditzkoff on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen Just Gave Birth To The Best New Awards Show Meme

Thankful she’s here to keep things interesting

If Chrissy Teigen is going to be in the audience of an awards show, you can bet I'll be watching. Regardless of how boring the fuss can get over famous people getting awards for what made them famous, you can count on Teigen's reactions to mirror exactly what we're all feeling deep inside. Discomfort, boredom, embarrassment—you name it.

The introduction to the 2018 Emmys was enough to make anyone uncomfortable, and Teigen couldn't hold it in anymore. The cameras panned to the supermodel and husband John Legend to show Legend cracking a vague smile, but Teigen slumping out of sight and barely holding in her laughter. We're not even an hour into the awards show and it's already getting remixed on Twitter. Though, it will never be more applicable than in response to a bunch of rich people making jokes about how they're not "woke" enough yet. Check out some of the best renditions of the meme so far, below, and let's hope we get more meme content by the end of this show.