Goths Take The Water Park In CHVRCHES New Video

“I was better off when I was on your side and I was holding on.”

Lest we forget that artists other than Adele released outstanding albums this year, CHVRCHES debuts its video for “Empty Threat.” It’s one of the standout songs among an album made entirely of standout songs. (Check out our review of Every Open Eye here.) It’s a stark contrast to its first video for “Leave A Trace,” where lead singer Lauren Mayberry makes her way through foggy metaphors for smoke and mirrors.

Here, a young girl done up as a goth version of Mayberry joins her other goth friends for a day of fun. One girl walks around the water park with an umbrella. Folks stare, but this group of friends pay no mind. There’s a genuine sense of joy that permeates the entire video. This girl has found some sort of contentment within her tribe and through them, has discovered a bit more of herself. It’s a perfect complement to a song that’s about making the decision to find happiness in a relationship that was on the rocks. Watch it below.