Photos courtesy of CoverGirl


CoverGirl Is Now The Largest Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand

This is big

You can now rest easy when opting for drugstore beauty products, as CoverGirl is now officially cruelty-free. The brand has announced that it received Cruelty Free International's seal of approval across its entire product selection.

According to a press release, CoverGirl is now the largest makeup brand to be certified cruelty-free. The packaging of all CoverGirl products will be emblazoned with the Leaping Bunny image of Cruelty Free International, a signifier given to brands that have been proven to not test on animals. 

"COVERGIRL has always been inclusive and known for pushing boundaries, and today’s announcement is a natural next step in our journey," the brand said in a statement. "COVERGIRL truly believes that cruelty free cosmetics should be affordable and available to everyone–now it is. The more people who can find and afford cruelty free makeup, the better."

CoverGirl now joins the ranks of many of our favorite brands that have chosen to be cruelty-free, including Milk Makeup and many K-Beauty brands. The announcement comes on the heels of many high-fashion brands ditching fur. It seems like the fashion and beauty worlds are headed into a much more animal-friendly future.