Demi Lovato Sang A Glorious A Cappella Cover Of Paramore’s “Misery Business”

Emo Demi forever

Demi Lovato attended Emo Nite in L.A. last night. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a very large party soundtracked by emo music. She was set to sing Paramore’s “Misery Business” with the track playing in the background. Except, due to sound issues, she ended up having to sing a cappella version of it. And, really, thank god for tech glitches.

Lovato has a powerhouse voice. Similar to Miley Cyrus, though, that often goes forgotten because the songs she puts out don’t allow her vocal talent to shine. But oh, did she remind us all of her abilities with her impromptu performance. Emo Demi not only knew all the words but truly impressed.

She also, reportedly, sang more songs from Taking Back Sunday, Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low, and Blink-182. Proving, furthermore, that the resurgence of pop punk is good for the soul and the ears.