The Teaser For Die Antwoord’s TV Series Is, Naturally, Very Freaky

“To kill a demon you must become a demon…”

It appears that most of the internet missed Die Antwoord's teaser for their upcoming show a couple of weeks back. Either that or we’ve erased it from our memory because it’s disturbing in a classic Die Antwoord way.

The snippet is for the duo’s new live-action television series. Details are sparse, as is a release date, but here's what we know: “All the ZEF videos and movies DIE ANTWOORD have made over the last 7 years were little clips from our own TV SERIES we making called SOUTH AFRICAN NINJA!” Yolandi Visser wrote on Instagram. “ZEF TV in da making. Go hard or go 2 church! Fokkit!” Well, we’re all probably going to need some saving after this project comes out.

“To kill a demon you must become a demon…” the teaser declares in the first few seconds, setting the tone for the wild imagery to follow. It includes a lot of blood, nudity, and a ton of other NSFW things. The project will also, allegedly, include guest appearances from Charlize Theron, Danny DeVito, Channing Tatum, and Johnny Depp. If you look closely, around the 45-second mark, you’ll find Jack Black (who also made a cameo in the duo’s short film) smoking a cigar while wearing a gold chain. Yeah, we’re just as confused as you are.

The television series will be paired with a “big-ass comic book” the duo is also releasing, which it premiered at Comic Con last month.