Watch The First Trailer For Ellen Page’s LGBT Docu-Series ‘Gaycation’

watch the first trailer

by daniel barna

Of all the shows set to debut on Vice's upcoming stand-alone TV channel Viceland, none looks as promising as Gaycation, the docu-series following Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel, as they visit LGBT communities and explore queer cultures around the world. Page as you'll recall, came out in 2014, and has since emerged as one of the most outspoken members in the gay community—a fact highlighted in the show's first trailer, in which Page confronts Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. "Being gay is not a choice," she tells the Republican Senator and presidential hopeful. "The amount of people that struggle so much because of the shame they feel or the fear of being oppressed or hurt or killed. Why would someone make that choice?"

The trailer also gives us glimpses of the pair's upcoming travels to Brazil, Jamaica, and Tokyo, a city whose gay district the actress admits she was once "too closeted" to ever visit. But this is a different Ellen Page, one who has come to terms with her own identity, after struggling in an industry that often oppresses people in the LGBT community. That's what makes her the perfect person to shine a light on other people's stories of courage in the face of oppression. 

"At the end of the day, we hope to expand people’s minds and their hearts," the duo told BuzzFeed. "I don’t know if that sounds cheesy but it’s just that simple."

Gaycation premieres Wednesday, March 2, at 10pm. Watch the trailer above.