Watch This Awkward Video Of Exes Taking Lie-Detector Tests

why would anyone do that, you wonder?

If you heard that someone put a bunch of exes together in a room with a lie-detector test, complete with a feisty administrator, you probably would think things would get a little, err, awkward. And, well, you'd be right.

Elite Daily, the self-proclaimed "voice of Generation Y," rounded up a group of people who, for some reason, didn't mind being put in the aforementioned situation. With cameras rolling, they had them ask each other questions: Did you ever think we could get married? Did you ever snoop through my phone, email, or social media? Did you ever want to sleep with one of my friends? Do you think we had bad sex? How many people have you slept with since me? Did you ever cheat on me while we were dating? Are you still in love with me? There were some sweet moments and we'd venture to guess that there were quite a few reconciliations afterwards, despite the abundance of bad sex and the fact that many of them wanted to sleep with each other's friends. Can't win them all, we guess?

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