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HAIM Cover Selena Gomez Using Household Items As Instruments

Listen to their DIY rendition of “Bad Liar”

by Hafeezah Nazim

HAIM have long established that they're pretty much good at anything, especially music covers. And though, in the past, we've seen some interesting examples of covers gone wrong, this latest musical rendition from HAIM proves that the trio can do no wrong.

While visiting the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, the trio performed "Want You Back" off of their new record, Something To Tell You, as well as a cover of Selena Gomez's hit single "Bad Liar."

But for this rendition of Gomez's single, the trio didn't use didn't typical instruments, but ones that can be found in the kitchen. 

Danielle used household items, including two drinking glasses, a box of tea, two coffee tins, and a mug to perform the percussion parts of the single, while her sisters, Este and Alana, sang. Oh, and her drumsticks? A pair of knives. Talk about true talent. 

Watch the short clip below, and listen to the song in full at the 2:19 mark, here.