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insta files friday: the chicest up-and-coming models

strike a pose

by jenny lee

It's no surprise that models are taking our social media accounts by storm. But while you may be familiar with or already following bigger names like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, there are new faces that are looking to dominate the Instagram scene. If you're looking for some serious fashion and beauty inspo, check out the gallery for some seriously chic up-and-coming models.

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photo via @warukatta instagram

Fernanda Ly (@warukatta)

Fernanda is just about the coolest—from her cotton candy colored hair to her Lolita-inspired fashion.

photo via @jojacalled instagram

Georgia Pratt (@jojacalled)

Georgia Pratt's full lips and smoldering eyes ooze a sensuality reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

photo via @lineisymontero

Lineisy Montero (@lineisymontero)

When she walked the Prada FW15 catwalk, Lineisy Montero captured everyone's hearts with her mini afro. Her look contributes heavily to the important conversation on the beauty of natural black hair.

photo via @lannalyon instagram

Lanna Lyon (@lannalyon)

With her effortlessly chic aesthetic, Lyon's quirky Instagram account will quickly become a favorite on your feed.

photo via @lilahsummer instagram

Delilah Parillo (@lilahsummer)

Consider her the ethereal California girl of your dreams. Her pale blonde hair and fresh-faced beauty make her look so effortlessly cool, and her world is probably lomo-filtered.

photo via @yostazyo instagram

Staz Lindes (@yostazyo)

One look at Staz Lindes' plump lips and perfectly tousled hair, and it's not a surprise that she's our new girl-crush.

photo via @molllsbair instagram

Molly Blair (@molllsbair)

17-year old Molly Bair has been called many names for her unconventional beauty, ranging from "alien" to "goblin." But her unique look is poised to the next big thing in high fashion.

photo via @sitabellan instagram

Sita Abellan (@sitabellan)

Sita Abellan isn't afraid to stun the public. She pushes the boundaries with her edgy and daring aesthetic, and we can't get enough.

photo via @esmeraldangel instagram

Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds (@esmeraldangel)

Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds' Instagram tagline is appropriately a quote by Edgar Allen Poe. Her jet-black hair and wide, haunting blue eyes make her look like someone out of a gothic Poe tale.

photo via @marjanjonkman instagram

Marjan Jonkman (@marjanjonkman)

Marjan Jonkman's hooded eyes and pouty mouth give her the coolest bad girl vibes, and it's no wonder she's worked with some of fashion's biggest names.