Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.


Jaden Smith Makes Another Fashion Statement

be warned: it’s a thirst trap

Did you think that Jaden Smith would stop wearing skirts after images from his Louis Vuitton womenswear campaign started rolling out? Think again. A few hours ago, we were completely captivated by Willow's campaign for her Stance sock collection, but now Jaden has our full attention once more. (That's so Jaden.) We're not gonna lie, this Instagram post screams thirst trap—Jaden is shirtless in a skirt with a flower tucked behind his ear. There's so much happening here that you might almost miss his blue painted fingernails. The Peter Ash Lee shot photograph is appropriately captioned "Just Come Here" and we honestly feel inclined to obey. (Let's not forget that he is only 17 years old, though.)

Jaden is letting his gender-fluid flag fly high in the sky, and we fully support it. We'd say that today has been quite an eventful day for the Smiths—Will and Jada must be so proud!