Joyce Wrice Has Your Morning Pick-Me-Up Right Here

Watch the official music video for “Good Morning”

As longtime fans of Rejjie Snow, we've grown fond of many of his multitalented collaborators. If you're familiar with his spectacular The Moon & You mixtape, you were probably blown away by the voice of Joyce Wrice on the track "Get It." The Los Angeles-based R&B singer-songwriter grew up listening to legends like Brandy, Mariah, and Mya, and you can hear their influence in her own work. Today, we're premiering the Christian Long-directed music video for Wrice's maxi single "Good Morning."

All of Wrice's previous visuals were shot the old-fashioned way with film cameras. That signature isn't completely lost here, but this time, she's chosen to record in the present and project pieces of the footage on VHS tapes. The cool-toned visual will definitely give you flashbacks to the '90s as Wrice restlessly tosses in bed while looking sultry in a silk slip. The only company she can keep in the flower-filled room is a tiny, fluttering butterfly that refuses to leave her side. 

Wrice tells us that "Good Morning" was influenced by her childhood. "This project really goes back to dragging my mom to the CD store and buying maxi singles for me," she says. "Back then, they used to have maxi singles which included the main track and then the a capella, instrumental, and remixes. I really enjoyed these because I've always loved not only music but the voice as an instrument." 

Wrice also notes that the song serves as a response to Usher's "Nice and Slow," describing it as a "super-intimate and warm vision." "Good Morning" is available to purchase on cassette via Akashik Records. The maxi single features remixes by Mndsgn, Swarvy, and Benedek and a capella and instrumental versions of the track. 

Watch the video in full, below.