Women Get Real About Their Pubic Hair Habits

to groom, or not to groom?

by nylon

To groom, or not to groom? And if you do groom, how much should you groom, and in what shape? Ah, those are the questions that every woman, at some point or another, has thought about. Still, for some reason, the topic of body hair is considered taboo. We decided to tackle the issue in our sex-positive series Just The Tips.

Between conversations about circumcision, anal sex, and sex on your period, we asked women of all different backgrounds and ages about their grooming habits and general feelings about hair down there. Some told us they like to go au naturel, some said they like to leave a bit, and others prefer to get rid of it all. Generally, though, there was one ultimate consensus: Your body hair is ultimately up to your discretion and your discretion only. So do what you want to do. And if you're not sure what you want to do, experiment. After all, it's only hair.