Kesha Reveals Powerful New Track

“Here Comes The Change” will appear in upcoming RBG film ‘On The Basis Of Sex’

Not only will the upcoming film On The Basis Of Sexbenefit from having the incredible Felicity Jones take on the notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Now, Kesha reveals a bit of its soundtrack, a powerful ballad titled "Here Comes The Change." Alongside the lyric video, the singer shared a personal essay with Refinery 29 about what made writing the song so personal for her. 

Kesha opens with an acknowledgment of the cynicism surrounding politics for many young people right now. "The current situation in our country," she writes, "where every day the news brings word of yet another attack on civil rights for marginalized people, and where political polarization has made it difficult to even have conversations about the issues, is enough to make anyone want to wash their hands of the entire process." But Kesha doesn't want her fans, or any other young person, to let this stop them. "The key thing to remember is this: If we don't participate, if we don't make our voices heard, things will only get worse. In order to create the lasting change we want, we have to stay involved and above all, we have to vote." 

The singer explained that, initially, when she was approached to write a song for this film, she thought she was the wrong person. The film changed her mind. "In watching the film I was struck by how much Ginsburg was able to accomplish in her life," Kesha wrote, "and at the same time, how much more there is to do in the fight for equality for all people. It reminded me of—and strengthened—my belief that any single person can make lasting change, starting with one small action."

Her essay and lyric video end with a reminder to vote and a quote from Ginsberg herself. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it best: 'There is still work to be done.' This fight is far from over, but my will is far from gone." Check out the new track above. 

On The Basis Of Sexhits theaters on December 25.