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kylie jenner’s lip kit is finally complete

we’re in love with the koko

Are there even terrestrial words to describe Kylie Jenner’s lips? Many an ode have been crafted in honor of the Insta-star’s billowy pucker, a facial feature that has become enough of a cultural icon to spawn countless imitations all over the web—some gorgeous, some silly, some downright dangerous.

Now, the woman with the most enviable lips in Hollywood has unveiled the sixth shade to her long-awaited lip kit, finally completing the collection so that us human-lipped plebeians no longer have to spend hours (or injure ourselves) trying to recreate Kylie’s iconic pout. The shade’s called KoKo in an adorable ode to sister Khloé, and it’s a surprisingly non-neutral color that’ll fit perfectly alongside other family-named glosses Mary Jo K (grandma) and Dolce K (dog). The bonus? The lipsticks are actually affordable, at $29 a pop. All hail King Kylie.

If there’s any downside to this, it’s that fans went so ape over Kylie’s line that it sold out in less than 10 minutes. But even that has been a gift, because the Jenner-Kardashian’s emotional reaction to her success is one of the most human moments we’ve seen from the clan in quite some time. Check it out below, then browse through our gallery to check out Kylie’s full collection.

The Kylie Lip Kit, KoKo K, $29, available at

The Kylie Lip Kit, Mary Jo K, $29, available at

The Kylie Lip Kit, Posie K, $29, available at

The Kylie Lip Kit, Candy K, $29, available at

The Kylie Lip Kit, True Brown K, $29, available at

The Kylie Lip Kit, Dolce K, $29, available at