Lady Gaga And Elton John Give Us The Duet Of Our Dreams

“I took a chance and changed your way of life.”

by Lisa Eppich

Elton John performed a live concert on Saturday. It was done as a thank you to West Hollywood for hosting his Academy Awards viewing party, which is also a fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. In a statement before the concert, John said, "We are profoundly grateful for their generous support, so I wanted to do something special just for them by giving our West Hollywood fans and supporters a surprise concert." An even better surprise? Lady Gaga came out and joined John halfway through "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," giving a powerhouse duet we haven't seen since their Muppet's Thanksgiving performance in 2013.

Wearing a short, military-inspired blue dress, platform heels and a seriously teased out blonde 'do, Gaga seemed to have a great time on stage, proving once again, she has the pipes and the style to match one of music's most legendary figures. In addition, both singers have long been fierce and vocal advocates for LGBT rights. The song's message of unconditional love and the pain of not being able to share your burden with someone else was a perfect, hopeful message for the fundraiser. 

Gaga is set to perform again at the Oscars tonight, in what is sure to be yet another showstopper in a string of killer performances lately. (Who can forget her David Bowie tribute and the National Anthem at the Superbowl?) We're also sure to be seeing more from Elton John. He released his new album, Wonderful Crazy Night, earlier this month. With both stars having busy schedules, our dreams for a joined tour seem dashed again. Just don't make us wait another 3 years for a duet, guys, and we'll be happy.

Check out their performance of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" below.