Lipstick Vs. Bobbing For Apples: Way Harder Than It Looks!

It’s bobbing for apples season, motherfuckers!

We're officially entering holiday party season, which means you'd better have a lipstick that can last through all sorts of festivity-related challenges. Trickiest of all? Bobbing for apples.

Here at NYLON, we put four of our favorite new lipsticks to the test to see how they'd last as we dunked our heads into cold water, searched for those elusive applies, and finally took that satisfying first bite. 

Check out which of your favorite brands actually stayed put, and which were washed away with our dignity as we realized just how hard it was to actually grab one of those slippery suckers. 


Shot by Charlotte Prager and Gretta Wilson

Edited by Gretta Wilson

Irina Grechko, Managing Editor

Don't be fooled by the liquid formula! Not only did this lip color withstand all my unsuccessful attempts at getting the apple, but it also did not budge after I ate the apple, did a sweaty Muay Thai-boxing class, took a shower, and had dinner. It only came off when I used makeup remover before bedtime. Leave it to Rihanna to create a lip color that can withstand all.

Fenty Beauty, Stunna Lip Paint in 'Unveil,' $24, available at Fenty Beauty.

Allison Stubblebine, Editorial Assistant

I'm still forever obsessed with Pat McGrath, but I'd maybe wait to throw this on until after all the apples have been bobbed for. The gorgeous, glittery, pink-purple hue ended up all over my chin—but, admittedly, did stay on my lips as well, so a quick wipe with a napkin made everything better. Luckily, I don't think I'll find myself face-first in a bucket of water anytime soon, so I can still swipe on this lip color for most occasions.

Pat McGrath, BlitzTrance Lipstick in 'Club Kiss,' $38, soon to be available at Pat McGrath

Charlotte Prager, Senior Video Editor

Bobbing for apples was much harder than I remembered from those childhood school fairs. I struggled, but in the end, the Nars Powermatte Lip Luster prevailed. The lipstick spread easily across my lips; it was lightweight, though almost a bit too watery. Once dried, I loved this shade’s rose-gold pigmentation and metallic sheen, and it was almost still all there after my splashing around.

Nars, Powermatte Lip Luster in 'Hardcore,' $26, available at Nars

Alex Hsie, Line Producer

So first off, I forgot how hard bobbing for apples was—with or without makeup. But my lipstick went on like a dream, was gorgeous against my skin tone, and made my lips feel instantly and consistently moisturized. Apples are a tough opponent though, and while the outer edges stayed on, I'd recommend a lip liner to go underneath this one if you plan on having a proper lip look throughout your night.

M.A.C., Powder Kiss Lipstick in 'Shocking Revelation,' $19, available at M.A.C.