Marina And The Diamonds Covered “True Colors” And It’s Great

talk about a new year’s resolution.

If ever there were a reason to stick to your New Year’s resolution of staying true to yourself, Marina and the Diamonds has it. The woman behind one of 2015’s best albums, FROOT, released her cover of Cyndi Lauper’s 1986 track “True Colors” today. 

It’s a delicate cover that favors the piano over Lauper’s synths and light percussion. Marina’s vocals float above the chords and make you feel like everything is okay with the world. (That’s cheesy to say, but whatever; it’s true!) According to various Marina and the Diamonds fan forums, this cover was meant to be on a reissued version of FROOT. That never came to pass, but at least we have “True Colors.” Listen to it below.