Photo via @lucaguadadnino on Twitter

This New Meryl Streep Meme Is Magnificent

BRB, adding it to my collection of reaction images

For all your meme-ing needs, Meryl Streep is back at it again with some fresh new reactions. The U.S. Open results got very, very messy, and Streep's in-real-time reactions aptly displayed how we were all feeling in those moments. No longer will you only have to rely on the timeless meme of Streep shouting, or getting ice cream flung at her. Now, you have the entire spectrum of human emotion for your meme needs.

This one can suit a few different scenarios depending on the context: Streep is giving us shocked, appalled, maybe even in awe, expression. It's up to you to decide! The second photo, though, is perfectly suited for whenever your friends retell a bad night out story in the group chat. Messy drunken text to the ex? Meryl meme. 

Poor, poor Meryl. This will surely be perfect for something, I just don't know what it is yet. 

Bless this photo. Cheers to you, Meryl, for making memes so easy.