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Miranda Kerr Is Really Into Crystals And Wants To Teach You How To Be Too

Plus: Where to stash your rose quartz

by erika stalder

I’ll just gonna to come out say it: It doesn’t seem fair that Miranda Kerr, big-time model, Victoria’s Secret Angel, and all-around glowy human being comes across as being always so... sorted. I mean, we’re talking about a mom who runs a skin-care brand (Kora Organics) and has the Instagram receipts to show that she endlessly hopscotches the world to keep it all popping—and she does all this without losing her shit. What the how? 

So when Sephora invited us to sit down with the real-life superwoman (who happens to have the calmest aura IRL), we brought a big, fat notebook and our sharpest pencil to drill down on how to get grounded, the Miranda Kerr way.

Affirmations Can Create Major Mojo 

Spiritual types, athletes, and yes, Oprah, have all touted the benefits of practicing affirmations for years, maintaining that these uplifting words or phrases help foster positivity and can do a body—and soul—good. And Kerr is right in there with the best of them. 

But as powerful as the Tao of Oprah may be, it was an alternative medicine researcher that lead Kerr to the practice herself. “Masaru Emoto has done so much research on how every word we say or think or even write on bottles affects a molecular structure,” she says. The Japanese researcher, who died in 2014, was known for conducting a series of experiments in which he froze, purified, double-distilled water, and then used a microscope to observe the way it crystallized after playing music, showing images, and praying to it. What he found was that water would crystallize in unique snowflake-like shapes after it was “fed” with positive words, music, and prayer. Water that was given negative images and words produced disfigured blobs. With 70 percent of our bodies made of water, it made sense to Kerr and other followers of Emoto’s work, that we should be able to alter our energy by feeding ourselves positive words, thoughts, and meditation. 

“Obviously, we’ve all heard it’s good to be positive and whatnot. But when I heard the science behind it, about 10 years ago, I was pretty impressed,” says Kerr, who grew up with parents who talked about the power of positivity and read the spiritual philosophy of Og Mandino (author of The Greatest Salesman In the World and other books). “I started writing words on my bottle of water, like love, peace, happiness, health, energy—everything that was uplifting and felt good to me on that day. Every day I would write [something new] on my water bottle. And every day, I noticed that it really did make me feel better. I don't know if it’s all in my head or what, but it really helps.”  

So when it came time for Kerr to develop her line of natural-based skin care, it was only, erm, natural that she included built-in affirmations—words like “love” and “bliss”—right on the back of the packaging. Of course, if a pre-printed affirmation isn’t your thing, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a Sharpie and your bottle of, say, Noni Glow Face Oil and adding any uplifting word that speaks to you—something tells us Kerr would love nothing more.

Tune In, Ground Out, and Count to Three 

Positive thinking can be easy—until you have a shit day. So how does Kerr keep upbeat energy and a chill headspace when things get stressful? She simply stops time—and breathes. 

“What I do is I literally go to my breath—that takes you to right now, to the moment, not to the future or the past,” she says. On the day that we talk, Kerr tells me that she’s a bit burned-out after having just deplaned a flight from Tokyo and spending the day playing with her son Flynn before doing press. “I’m super jet-lagged, but today I had a beautiful day with my son, and I just wanted to stay and play with him.” In the moment, neither Kerr nor her son was exactly psyched that she had to bail for work.

“I’m like, okay. I’m going to just take a breath, be in the moment, be appreciative, and think of three things I’m grateful for: I’m grateful for my son, I’m grateful for our health. I’m grateful we have a roof over our heads,” she lists. “You know, simple things like that put everything into perspective.” 

Rethink Aromatherapy 

Before aromatherapy became a mass-marketed jumble of not-so-essential oil blends seen kicking around the candle section of TJ Maxx, it was used for ancient therapeutic purposes and to help heal skin (as chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé discovered, after applying lavender oil to a burn caused by a lab explosion in the early 20th century). Kerr taps its powers to help maintain chill and find that deep, centered breaths she talks about. 

Take the recently launched Kora Organics Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, made with rose, Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, and ylang ylang. “I like to put it on my pulse points, or you can do that thing where you take three deep breaths; it just instantly helps transform and uplift my mood and how I’m feeling,” she says. Until now, the blend has been one that Kerr has had all to herself. “It was made for me when I was going through a really hard time in my life,” she says. “I was really depressed, and I called my aromatherapist in Australia, and I was like, ‘Do you have any recommendations?’ She made this blend for me. It has really helped me transition through such a challenging time—and I really wanted to share that with everyone.”

Kerr also formulated Kora Organics Heart Chakra Essence with many of the same essential oils and self-love in mind. “It’s a blend of supercharged oils made to nurture your heart. Aromatherapy’s been around such a long time, but people don’t even realize the benefits—vibrationally, energetically, it’s going to sink into the skin,” she notes.

Never Mind Your Enemies—Keep Your Crystals Closer 

Crystals aren’t just pretty to look at, they can bring good juju, too. And for Kerr, good juju comes courtesy of rose quartz. In fact, she’s so fond of the mineral, that she’s incorporated it into all her skin-care products and her daily lifestyle. 

“Rose quartz has just been something that I’ve naturally gravitated to my whole life. It’s a gentle color. I feel like when you hold it, it’s very soothing and it feels nurturing for the heart,” she says. “I know I’m toughest on myself, like, ‘Oh, you can do better.’ Most of us are. But we need to be kind to ourselves and love ourselves first before we can be kind and love anyone else. That’s why I really like rose quartz because it really encourages that kind of self-love but in a humble way. It’s such a gentle reminder of that.” Kerr says that she carries rose quartz with her everywhere, and puts it in the most unexpected of places: “I’ve got a little one that’s a polished heart. Sometimes, I keep in my bra.” Right near the heart chakra, where else?