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What’s The Most 2000s Thing You’ve Ever Done?

The internet weighs in

Leave it to the internet to provide a perfectly curated look back at a decade on social media. Twitter user @davestopera, also a member of the BuzzFeed staff, threw a big question out into the online abyss: What's the most mid-2000s thing you ever did? He'd personally used a code from a Mountain Dew cap to download a Bloodhound Gang song off of iTunes, and that's pretty much as 2000s as it gets.

Memories of things we did in 2000s can seem like an absolute time capsule of the era. Remember shoving your Walkman (or if you were way cooler than me, iPod classic) into your backpack? Nothing was more cathartic than blasting "Complicated" as the school bus drove me back to the comfort of my home. 

Chunky highlights made way for a more subtle balayage, and the waistband of our jeans rose comfortably over our belly-buttons as we said goodbye to the decade. Hopefully, trends don't prove to be cyclical with some of those. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to part with my mom jeans for their hip-hugging ancestors. Scroll through all the incredibly tacky memories Twitter resurfaced, below, and be thankful for our collective change of taste.