Watch Sia Perform “Bird Set Free” With A Mostly Naked Dude

your day is made

As you well know, your girl Sia loves adding a little artistic/kinetic interpretation of her songs along with her vocal performances. Usually wearing a body sock of one kind or another, the dancers that accompany her live showings just add so much, with young Maddie Ziegler being the best example.

Alas, Ziegler was either not available or just not on the agenda when Sia visited the Ellen show yesterday to perform “Bird Set Free,” one of the best tracks off of her just-released This Is Acting album. Nope. Instead, we get the totally dedicated, totally focused man above. Granted, he is without the trademark body sock (he opted for tasteful black dance shorts instead). Yet, the salt-and-pepper wig is there and so is the love of the dance (though it a rare and particular kind of love).

Weird as it is, it’s giving us just a bit more life than we had before. Click play and embrace the dance.