Solange Invites Us To Take ‘A Seat At The Table’ And Learn About Her Personal Journey

    Three editors dive into her latest body of work

    by , and · October 04, 2016

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    Given that A Seat at the Table took Solange Knowles four long years to complete, we wanted to give ourselves an ample amount of time to digest it. On Twitter, Solange said that the True EP was meant to “provoke joy & to challenge what we know as Pop,” while A Seat at the Table is “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing.” All of which is to say: There’s a lot to discuss.

    For an understanding of how this multilayered album came to be, check out this roundtable conversation between Solange, her mother, and Judnick Mayard, which provides a much-needed context and helps listeners understand how A Seat at the Table embodies the essence of Solange, as she demands to be heard and gets all the heavy things that have been weighing her spirit down off her chest.

    As Mayard states, “It is an album for black women made by one black woman. In speaking her personal truth, Solange has created a meditation not just for herself but for so many seeking safe space, asylum, and peace, for those who seek to maintain their dignity and regality in the face of condescension, lies, aggression, violence, and murder.”

    Rather than rush into a review, we thought it would be more appropriate to share our reactions. Sit down, pull up a seat to our virtual table, and read this discussion containing our overflowing thoughts for all 21 tracks in the gallery, below.

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