Photos by Harley Weir, art by Urs Fischer


Stella McCartney Wants Us To Rethink Our Waste Habits

The latest campaign was shot in a Scottish landfill

We’ve long respected fashion designer Stella McCartney for incorporating her ethical values into her namesake collection. From her refusal to use real leather and fur in her designs to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we have to applaud her for going in a direction that many luxury brands don’t—and for being so outspoken about it.

McCartney stays true to her outspokenness in the latest campaign for Winter 2017, which explores the implications of waste and overconsumption. In both the photo and video elements, shot and directed by Harley Weir and illustrated by Urs Fischer, models are captured dancing around in the latest winter wears in front of what—at first—appears to be a beautiful Scottish landscape.

That is until we’re introduced to the fact these hills are, in fact, man-made and the result of the accumulation of waste. By the end of the video, the models are traipsing around piles of trash, plastic, and other discarded objects.

The ad is quite eye-opening for anyone unaware of where our trash and other waste items end up—and urges us to strongly reconsider how much we consume as humans. “The idea we had with this campaign is to portray who we want to be and how we carry ourselves; our attitude and collective path,” says McCartney in a press release from the brand. “Our man-made constructed environments are disconnected and unaware of other life and the planet which is why there is waste.”

Check out the video, below.