Photo by Mark Large/Getty Images


Stray Cat Stole The Spotlight At An Istanbul Runway Show

Putting the cat back in catwalk!

A furry feline wandered onto the runway during a fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey, and instantly became a modeling star. Esmod International, a French school of fashion and business, definitely didn't cast a kitty for its first modeling gig, but who can complain when clips of a debut runway go viral?

While the show kept going, the cat did their best to lighten the mood onstage, jumping up at models and even getting in a strut or two. The models, though, easily maneuvered around their four-legged spotlight stealer, only cracking a smile now and then. Professionalism at its finest!

My personal favorite part is right when the video begins, when the cat uses the attention-filled moment to finish up a very important task: cleaning its bum. 

Truly hoping the adorable strays of Manhattan see this cat's success and wander into a show of their choosing during the next season of NYFW.