12 Celebs We Didn’t Know Were Married

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    by · January 29, 2016

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    The business of being a celebrity comes at the price of your private life. The bigger your name, the more public your day-to-day becomes. Some celebrities, though, have mastered the balancing act between the public and private. What they do outside of their job isn’t fodder for the tabloids and gossip rags. It’s red carpet events that raise questions like, wait, so-and-so is married to so-and-so?, because so-and-so’s dating life isn’t a fixture of the mainstream media. (Nothing wrong with that!) There’s a strange form of contentment that comes with knowing someone whose work you admire has found love in the hopeless place of Hollywood. It makes the world seem a little better, even if the moment is fleeting. Well, here are 12 of those moments to make your day just a little bit brighter. Thank us later when you proudly say oh, I knew that already, after your friends gasp at a celebrity couple making their way down some red carpet show you’re casually watching together.

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