Watch The Chilling New Trailer For ‘The Witch’

Don’t Go Into The Woods

by daniel barna

The last time a movie about a witch in the woods came out of Sundance with this much buzz, The Blair Witch Project happened, and a horror classic was born. And while Robert Eggers' Sundance sensation The Witch couldn't be more different in tone, it's ultimately headed for the same fate. 

After terrifying Park City audiences a year ago, the buzz surrounding The Witch has been steadily building online, and with its February 26th release date fast approaching, the creepy marketing campaign is in full swing. The latest trailer gives us a closer look at the unsettling occurrences that befall a New England farming family in the 1600s, after they move to the outskirts of a forest that is said to be controlled by witches. Never a good idea. As expected, the clip is flat-out terrifying, despite never showing us any actual witches. Instead, it builds a mounting sense of dread with slick atmospherics, a truly menacing score, and the creepiest goat you ever did see. Watch above.