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Vampire Facials May Be To Blame For Exposing Customers To HIV, Hep B And C

As if it wasn’t scary enough already

An already-bloody beauty service just got a whole lot more terrifying. Remember when Kim Kardashian posted her brutal selfie after getting a vampire facial? It turns out that this same treatment may have exposed its customers to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. 

The New Mexico Health Department is advising customers who received the scary service at the VIP Spa in Albuquerque to be tested, particularly if they were at the spa in May or June. After the health department and the state's cosmetology board inspected the location on Friday evening, Dr. Michael Landen, DOH State Epidemiologist explained, "We undertook the inspection because a client of the VIP Spa developed an infection that may have resulted from a procedure performed at the spa."

The procedure, a vampire facial, involves drawing blood from a participants arm, separating the platelets and plasma using a centrifuge, and then sticking the platelet-rich-plasma back into the skin of the face using micro-needles. No thanks! There's almost no proof that the procedure actually does what it claims to do, which is promote cell turnover for a more clear complexion. So, why risk it? For the Instagram? 

According to KRQE, a news station in New Mexico, there was a sign posted on the front door of VIP Spa that this week's appointments are cancelled due to a family emergency. Regardless of the turnout of this investigation, maybe it's best to leave your blood where it should be (unless you're donating).