Zayn Confirms That, Yep, He And Gigi Hadid Are Dating 

hear how he made it official

Well, well, well—look who finally fessed up to what pretty much everybody who cared already knew. Yup, the formerly cagey Zayn Malik has admitted that he and model/beloved pretty person Gigi Hadid are dating, seeing each other, girlfriend and boyfriend, romantically linked, and just generally smooshing. It’s no surprise, but it is nice to hear the former One Direction singer just come out and say it for once.

Lest you think it was romantic, brush away your hopes. No, the admission was casual and in passing, which is kind of appropriate given that, again, everybody knew. Why make a big deal out of it, right?

Today on Zach Sang & the Gang, co-host Jill Gutowitz asked Malik a question about the filming of his “Pillowtalk” video, a steamy little number co-starring Hadid as his on-screen love interest. “Was it cool to have your girlfriend in the video?” she asked him. Malik answered back with, “Uh, yeah. That was cool. It was something different… We enjoyed it. It was fun.”

And there you have it, friends—their love is at last out in the open. Well, actually, it was already out in the open. Let’s just call this “finally official.” Check out the whole, rare call-in interview below.

(E! Online)