Zayn Malik + Gigi Hadid Are More Than Friends In ‘Pillowtalk’ Video

Is It Hot In Here?

by daniel barna

Here's something. The next time a blizzard ravages the east coast, just play Zayn Malik's new music video anywhere in the remote vicinity of snow, and well, you good. The 22-year-old just released "Pillowtalk," his first single as a solo artist, along with a music video that gets rid of any doubt we may have had as to the status of his relationship with Gigi Hadid. Yesterday, Malik tried to convince the world he and Hadid were just "good friends," and then he went ahead and dropped what might go down as one of the steamiest clips of all time. 

"Pillowtalk" is a grandiose, oozing slow jam, and the video is basically a window into what Malik and Hadid do behind closed doors. It's a bold statement from an artist who clearly wants to distance himself from his Tiger Beat past. Does it feel a bit desperate? Yes. But in a saturated market, one that just saw the release of one of the most anticipated pop albums ever, Zayn needed to make an entrance that no one would forget. And, while he definitely accomplishes that here, let's hope his upcoming debut solo album Mind of Mine embraces that quiet mystery that made him cool in the first place.

Watch the video for "Pillowtalk" above.