The 5 Biggest Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2020 Require Minimal Effort

The never-ending impact of the '90s is in full effect this season.

Between DIY quarantine beauty experiments and the fall season right around the corner, there are a lot of reasons a dramatic change to your hair might be appealing. But if impulsive dye jobs, buzzcuts, or cutting your own bangs are completely off the table for you (which, fair), this season's biggest hairstyle trends are an easy and non-committal way to switch things up.

Like most trends today, the hairstyles that covered the Fall/Winter 2020 runways — and are now subsequently flooding the Instagram Explore page — aren't entirely new. From face-framing strands to claw clips and cheeky updates to the classic high-ponytail, this season's trending hairstyle trends lean heavy on styles from decades past, especially when it comes to the '90s.

Read on for five of Fall 2020's coolest hairstyle trends, offering something for just about every texture and level of expertise, below.

Fall 2020 Hairstyle Trend: The Face-Framing Baby Braids

Regardless of your texture, these face-framing braids are a quick way to make your everyday style feel a bit more special and intentional. Make them thin or thick, one per side or double them up.

Fall 2020 Hairstyle Trend: The Retro-Flipped Ponytail

Celebrities like Normani and Ariana Grande have been upgrading their signature high ponytails with retro, flipped ends over the past couple of years. While the style might have felt too dramatic to incorporate into normal, everyday non-celebrity life last year, the maximalism is fair game this fall.

Fall 2020 Hairstyle Trend: The Half-Up, Half-Down

Giving you tween Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen films, this style adds dimension and a little something special with minimal effort — or precision — necessary.

Fall 2020 Hairstyle Trend: The Low Claw-Clip Bun

Consider this the top knot's long-awaited replacement — at its prime when it's twisted into a messy, low chignon style bun. (Bonus points for merging this trend with the next one.)

Fall 2020 Hairstyle Trend: The Two-Tendril Up-Do

Similar to the baby braids but requiring almost zero effort, this '90s prom-inspired look frames the face in seconds by leaving out your most up-front strands. If you're really looking to drive the style home, it pairs nicely with some chunky highlights.