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The Best Diffusers for Every Curl Type, From Drybar to Rizos Curls

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If you have curly hair, regardless of the texture, you're probably already familiar with diffusers. If you're not, it's certainly worth getting to know the bowl-shaped attachments, because they're guaranteed to enhance your hair routine — and the experts agree.

"I know most people would say they are guilty of ignoring their blow dryer accessories, but if you're someone with curly hair and are looking to enhance your natural curl, you should consider using the circle satellite-looking thing that’s called a diffuser," celebrity hairstylist Josué Perez tells NYLON.

According to Perez, attaching a diffuser to your hair dryer allows heat to be distributed evenly throughout the device, making for an even and safer dry. "This minimizes hot air wind movement the dryer is using to dry your hair — less wind movement means less frizz on the hair, and [will] lock the curls in place." But despite diffusers being beneficial for all curls, not all diffusers are created equal, making it commonplace for different hair textures, lengths, and densities to respond better to different diffuser shapes, prong lengths, and more.

Ahead, read on for the best diffusers for every purpose and hair concern, from the best budget-friendly option to the ideal travel diffuser.

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