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9 Best "Euphoria" Makeup Tutorials For Every Skill Level

They remain one of the most searched makeup looks of 2020.

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Euphoria debuted on HBO in the summer of 2019, and yet, as 2020 comes to a close, the show's game-changing glam looks are still consistent references on- and off-screen. So much so, that over 1.7 million people have searched Google for "Euphoria makeup" leading up to Halloween 2020 — with an additional 204,000 YouTube searches — according to a report from Cosmetify.

Regardless of what you're planning to do for this year's undoubtedly different celebrations, be it a Zoom party, a small socially distanced gathering, or a solo night filled with your own Instagram-ready photoshoot of your look, leaning into Euphoria makeup is an easy way to do something exciting (and impressive) without splurging on a full-out costume. Plus, since most of Euphoria's best looks are eye-centric, they make for the best options in this era of masks.

Ahead, check out some of the very best Euphoria YouTube makeup tutorials, offering something for every and any skill level.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Kat's Green Liner

If you're not looking to do a full face (or just, like, wouldn't even know how), there are tons of Euphoria tutorials that keep it to the basics — like this take on Kat's graphic neon green liner. As you can see from the original, its okay if things get messy: that's the look.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Maddy's Studded Blue Lids

This gem-outlined, bright blue eye look worn by Alexa Demie's character Maddy might be one of the most well-known and recreated of the series — because despite looking wildly intense, it's not that hard to DIY, as long as you have a bit of patience.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Gem-Lined Lids

Makeup inspired by Euphoria can often feel completely over-the-top, because it is. But should you want to lean into the vibe in five minutes or less, this tutorial is the one. Go about your typical shadow routine — be it bold or neutral, powder or cream — and dress it up with only a few gems on each lid.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Maddy's Dual-Color Shadow

While the eyeshadow itself isn't anything out of the ordinary, allow this Maddy look to push you into color combos you wouldn't normally go after.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Jules As Juliet

Enjoy this meta tutorial so that this halloween you can be Jules dressed up as Juliet (the '96 movie version played by Claire Danes alongside Leo DiCaprio, of course) for halloween.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Pearl Pink Shadow

This glammed-up version of Maddy's blue gem look takes things to an even higher level — featuring a powder pink shadow and pearls (!) for texture.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Rue's Glitter Tears

Euphoria made a lot of definitively not cool things look cool, like crying! This straightforward tutorial will help you nail the concept — a smokey, glittery, starry-eyed look — with minimal mess.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Over-The-Top Gems

Going to be around (or Zooming with) people who loosely understand what "Euphoria makeup" is? Drive the aesthetic home with some extremely over-the-top face jewelry. This one might be the most intense — see: lots of face glue — but will definitely win you best costume points.

Euphoria Makeup Halloween 2020: Nate's Smokey Glitter Eye

Want to be a villain? Look no further than Nate's smokey eye glitter look from homecoming.

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