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9 Microfiber Towels That’ll Make Hair Drying A Breeze

A shower routine game-changer.

When it comes to post-bathing rituals, it's common practice to simply grab the nearest towel and get to drying off. However, your choice of towel could be creating a mess of your hair, especially if your tresses aren't straight as a pin.

Microfiber towels are frequently lauded for speeding up hair drying time, and for those with textured hair, you'll find that your post-dry hair doesn't come out quite as frizzy. Whether you prefer a wrap, scrunchie, or towel remains entirely up to you, but the benefits are noted, no matter the form of your microfiber.

There's no magical science to microfiber's hair drying ability. Rather, the material doesn't cause the same hair friction as your ordinary bath towel. This allows your hair cuticle to remain undistributed, and in turn, you should notice hair that's more manageable and less prone to breakages. Decide which microfiber towel is right for your hair and budget, below.

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