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This Viral Lipstick Hack Makes Sure You Get Every Last Drop In The Tube

Emptying your favorite tube of lip product just got a lot easier.

There are few makeup moments as truly satisfying as finishing off your favorite tube of lipstick. Unfortunately, reaching the end of the bottle often comes with the arduous task of ensuring you get to use every bit of lipstick. Fret over lost product no more, as one great makeup mind shared a now viral beauty hack for removing every drop of lipstick from the tube.

Discovered by Allure, the hack, which was posted by the Instagram user @empties.likmysoul., demonstrates how to properly empty out a tube of lipstick. For the removal process, she used a ColourPop Cosmetics lipstick, and she begins by using a knife to pop out a small stopper located at the top of the lipstick.

With the stopper removed, she now has more room to work, and she inserts a Cosmetic Spatty — a tool specifically created to remove liquid makeup and beauty products from hard to reach places — inside the lipstick tube. She then twirls the Spatty inside the tube multiple times, ensuring that after a few sweeps, the once partially filled product is now completely empty.

Although the video was first posted on March 7, it has recently gained viral attention, including the support of ColourPop. Sharing the video on its Instagram, ColourPop weighed in on the "satisfying" process.

Those interested in testing out the hack will have to see for themselves whether the process works for other brands of lip product, but there are plenty of other beauty hacks also worth trying.

Study the hack carefully for yourself, below.