The Best New Beauty Products NYLON Tried & Loved This Month

Covetable fragrances, a reviving eye cream, an innovative dry shampoo, and more.

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Here at NYLON HQ, one of the things we enjoy doing the most as a team is trying out new beauty products and discussing our results. Together we’ve reviewed bronzing drops, hair treatments, and colored mascaras, among other things — but on our own, we’re also ferociously testing new products that suit our own individual hair, skin, and makeup wants and needs.

From the dozens of beauty launches that have come across our desks over the past month, we’ve plucked out 21 items we think you should know about now. Read on for NYLON’s best beauty picks from April 2024, including a vacation-in-a-bottle fragrance, a disco-ready eyeshadow, an exfoliator that will make you rethink face scrubs, a high tech dry shampoo, and more.

“I haven't used an eye cream as effective as this one in a really long time. The formula is so creamy and smooth, and after only using it for a few weeks I already feel like my dark under eye circles are looking visibly brighter and firmer.” — Kelly Reed, senior social strategist

“This dry shampoo product is genius. Not only is the lime green packaging kitschy and fun, but I love how you can simply tap the brush directly onto your roots where you need it. Plus, it's easy to take on-the-go and throw it in your purse or carry-on.” — Reed

“Bulgari's latest perfume is a romantic summer day in a bottle. I can't wait to make it my signature scent this season; it's sophisticated, seductive, and smells like pure bliss. The fragrance was made with the Mediterranean Sea in mind, featuring notes of Italian lemon and orange blossom, which I love. Whenever I apply this, I feel as though I've been transported to the South of France on a sweltering night in July.” — Reed

“I've never been a huge fan of facial oils but this one really does it for me. A few drops leave my skin looking and feeling satisfyingly hydrated, and give my face a wonderful glow. The oil is also the perfect skin prep for adding slip before using my red light therapy wand.” — Reed

“General exhaustion and turning 31 are no match for Murad's eye cream! It’s truly a holy grail product I plan to use for years to come. I use a small dab under and around my eyes twice a day, and my skin has never looked plumper.” — Sophia June, former culture writer

“About-Face's Glitter Eye Paints are my absolute favorite going out accessory. Compact enough to fit in the smallest of going-out bags, the shadows are a perfect product for on-the-go party girls. Now, About-Face is launching Energy Angel, a new collection including new holographic eye colors that look spectacular under any disco ball.” — June

“The chemists at Addiction Tokyo should be internationally recognized for this mascara. First of all, this formula holds a curl all day — an almost impossible task when it comes to my stubborn, stick-straight lashes. It’s also not your standard cobalt blue mascara; instead, it's a soft blue as alluring as a cloudy sky.” — Layla Halabian, culture editor

“I feel like I'm part of the 1% when I light this candle — I instantly feel like I’m sunning away on a multi-million euro Tuscan estate that's been in my family for generations. The scent is a sweet, earthy delight thanks to its blend of fig leaves, cedarwood, and musk.” — Halabian

“The most prized perfume in my collection is Odile by Gumamima, a wicked and intoxicating scent that takes my breath away with notes of blood orange, dark chocolate, rubber, suede, and musk. It's like nothing I've ever smelled before: freaky, sensual, and truly beautiful.” — Halabian

“I can't stand the feeling of foundation on my face, so I'm thankful to have found CLE Cosmetic's CCC Cream. There's zero heaviness or cake-factor, simply skin-enhancing coverage that easily blends in with my natural skin tone. And with SPF 50 coverage, what more could I possibly want?” — Halabian

“This is a true throwback to ’00s lip gloss. The thick, nourishing formula is still shiny even after huge gulps of water (and a lot of huffing and puffing) in my pilates class. In typical r.e.m. beauty fashion, it also has an innovative applicator; the pointed tip allows for precise application around the cupid's bow while the curved portion evenly distributes the gloss.” — Halabian

“This fragrance is my new obsession. First of all, it's inspired by nights out in NYC, and that resonates strongly with me. It's a delicious medley of pink pineapple and black pepper that melts into sandalwood and tobacco — sweet, smoky, and the reason I've been getting endless compliments on how I smell.” — Faith Xue, executive beauty director

“I usually prefer chemical exfoliators, but sometimes my skin needs a physical scrub to get the dullness away. This newly-reformulated microdermabrasion scrub is the perfect balance of gentle and gritty, and always leaves my skin feeling baby-soft.” — Xue

The Innovative Hair Refresher

“I'm so blown away by the technology in this dry shampoo. Unlike traditional aerosol formulas, it comes out as a wet mist instead of a dry powder, so it feels like you're truly giving your hair a mini-wash. Magically, it dries as you massage it in and leaves my hair looking fresher, cleaner and more voluminous.” — Xue

“Neuraé is a new brand that addresses the link between the skin and brain, and all the products are proven to address how feelings like stress and sadness can negatively affect the skin. I've been slathering on this serum, which feels like a tall drink of water and ‘resets’ the skin to better absorb anything that comes after. It's luscious, hydrating, and boosts my dopamine levels after every use.” — Xue

“I treat my wet, post-shower hair like delicate silk — it's that fragile — and this new mist from Color Wow has become a staple in my routine. First, the mist itself comes out in such a fine spray and feels so luxurious. It’s more like a gentle, steady mist so I can control exactly how much product gets used. It leaves my hair feeling so silky soft and detangles in seconds.” — Xue

The Simple Strengthening Treatment

“I'm all about efficiency in my routine, which is why I love this bond builder from Kerasilk. I apply it after shampooing and conditioning my hair, and I love that it doesn't require a full system or multiple steps. Harry Josh told me my bleached hair was the perfect candidate fro this product, and he was right. I've used it just a few times and my hair already feels stronger.” — Xue

“Sunscreen every single day is essential, as is reapplying it when you’re out in the sun for hours. This serum stick is so good for topping up your SPF, because it’s easy to apply without getting your hands messy and it doesn’t look or feel greasy on. I especially like that it doesn’t mess up my makeup underneath or leave a weird powder cast on top of my skin.” — Sam Neibart, Beauty Editor

“I have absolutely no patience for sitting in a nail salon, but I still like to participate in all of the fun manicure trends — that’s why I’m always on the lookout for the coolest and most modern press-ons. The nails from this new brand not only look incredibly realistically to gel extensions, but they make it possible to give myself a silver-studded full set in under ten minutes.” — Neibart

“Because it’s formulated for dry hair, this spray makes it easy to remember to use heat protectant when I’m refreshing my style a day or two after I first washed and dried my hair. It’s a fine mist that doesn’t leave my hair wet, product heavy, or stiff, so I actually like using it — I’m hoping my hair will thank me for the extra love and care.” — Neibart

“Rare Beauty knows blush — and now Selena Gomez has spread her light to the powder blush category to excellent results. The I use the new powder in the shade Happy and skip out on highlighter because it gives my skin such a pretty, fairy-like glow.” — Neibart