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Ariana Grande Swapped Her Signature Ponytail For Pigtails

"Sailor Moon who?"

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In a hair move that's never any less surprising coming from the queen of the high pony, Ariana Grande ditched her signature style. Following months of self-quarantine, which included a few selfie sneak peeks at her natural curls, the pop star is back at work, and during one recent outing, she swapped her iconic ponytail for pigtails.

Ahead of this weekend's 2020 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, the singer looked to be practicing her dance moves. In between, she stopped for some selfies, sharing a look at her most recent beauty routine. For the day's glamour, she wore her hair in two, long and voluminous pigtails. The tails were held in place with a twisted section of hair, and they ran in length to just below her back.

The hair featured an ombré-like effect, with her coloring going from a dark shade of brown to a light blonde. She also wore a section of bangs parted to one side, and tucked behind her ear.

Her brief change in hair wasn't the only noteworthy element of the Monday beauty routine. In an additional selfie, Grande posed with her face close to the camera, showing off the holographic eyeliner that matched her diamond-covered mask.

For her makeup, which featured an outline reminiscent of her now-viral "Rain On Me" look, the singer accented her eye makeup with voluminous lashes. She kept her lips seemingly free of product, posing for an Instagram Story video that had her looking into a long mirror.

Followers responding to the photo were in full support of the look, writing, "Yes fantasy hair" and "Sailor Moon who?" One fan even encouraged Grande to wear the hairstyle again, writing, "Omg i love ur hair like this." Fans will have to wait and see whether the style makes a comeback for Sunday's VMAs ceremony, but in the meantime, now might be the time to consider adding pigtails to your fall 2020 hair routine.

Get a look at the style switch, below.

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