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Ariana Grande Recreated Her Grammys Hair At Home

The flipped ends return.

Quarantine has led handfuls of celebrities to experiment with their beauty at home, and most recently, Ariana Grande threw it all the way back to her Grammys 2020 glam. On Wednesday, July 15, she shared a photograph of her latest beauty routine, which just so happened to include a retro twist on her signature ponytail.

Pairing a pink lip and oversized white button-down with her brunette updo, Grande posed for a photo posted on her Instagram sideways. In addition to serving serious styling cues with her choice of outfit, the pop star also recreated the hairstyle she wore to the 2020 Grammys.

Her latest at-home look didn't require the addition of a gown, but she pulled her ponytail up, allowing a section of side bangs to frame her face. She finished off the style with some retro flipped ends. Thanks to the updo, you can also spot Grande's current choice of earrings, a set of silver hoops.

The photograph contained no hint as to whether the Grammys might have been on Grande's mind, but she did make sure that her winged liner was as perfect as ever. She finished off her makeup with a matte pink lip coloring.

This latest moment in Grande hair history comes only weeks after she shared a Midsommar-inspired beauty look. Celebrating her birthday at the end of June, Grande went from her natural hair to extensions and a flower crown. In a look that was truly fit for a May Queen, she paired the hair style with floral-coated lashes and an all-white outfit.

Before donning her extravagant flower crown, Grande posed with her ponytail, and for the selfie, her ends hung in a loose, wavy fashion. Her special birthday style came after Grande had posed without extensions during quarantine. She had shown off her very curly natural hair, writing, "get a load a dis." She later deleted the photo, but not before numerous fans had screen-capped the major beauty moment.