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Avril Lavigne Let Yungblud Give Her A Choppy Haircut

To promote their upcoming collab, “I’m A Mess”.

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Avril Lavigne has made waves with her return to the spotlight—releasing two albums since 2019, touring with MGK, and performing at nostalgic emofest, When We Were Young Festival. The Y2K icon has also been experimenting with her signature punk princess look in new ways. She tried out scene kid raccoon tail hair earlier this year and has most recently been sporting bright orange extensions since early 2022. Now, the musician has once again switched up her hair for a new style, and perhaps shocking style. From Lavigne’s Instagram it looks like she allowed British musician Yungblud to give her a new haircut.

The musician duo posted the haircutting video on Instagram today with the caption “I’m A Mess”, hinting at a new collab between the two alternative rockers. In the video, Avril sits on a toilet while Yungblud sits behind her, grabbing large chunks of her hair and cutting them with what appears to be kitchen scissors. “Are you ready?” he first asks Avril at the start of the video. “I need a beer,” she replies.

Although the casual way the two musicians approach this hair transformation suggests they’re only chopping into Avril’s extensions, Yungblud’s amateur haircutting skills have left some fans concerned. With his haphazard and uneven cuts, chopping above her orange ends on both sides, some fans were quick to point out that he might actually not be cutting her real hair. “AVRIL IT BETTER BE EXTENSIONS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭,” commented one fan. Others are hoping the stunt means new music is on the way. “Haircut looks great! U did well @yungblud ✂️ new song maybe?,” commented Avril’s fiancé and fellow musician Mod Sun, also pointing the potential upcoming musical collaboration.

While Avril’s latest hair-cutting video ends before we can see Yungblud finish the back of her head or even out the length (she also still never got that beer), we can only assume this means a new shorter, blunter chop reveal is on the way. Amping up her classic gothic style in the video, with black lipstick, heavy eyeliner, and a leather jacket, Avril’s new final hairdo will no doubt have a punk edge. Judging from Yungblud’s initial chopping job, she also hopefully asked a professional to finish off the rest.

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