How Some Of Today’s Biggest Beauty Influencers Are Tackling Self-Care In Quarantine

From Jackie Aina to Addison Rae, beauty and lifestyle influencers open about their current self-care practices.

As much of the world continues to adjust to a daily routine that includes the concept of social distancing, members of the beauty industry are finding innovative ways to reach their fans. The novel coronavirus has impacted the lives and livelihood of millions, especially in the beauty industry. Retails stores are currently closed, brands are transitioning to online offerings, and influencers are grappling with an audience that's now more tuned in than ever. From TikTok to YouTube, beauty influencers in quarantine have a unique advantage to share messages of hope and resilience with their fans, and as these seven influencers explained, the idea of self-care is now more important than ever.

Whether you're practicing a new makeup routine or deciding on a skin care regimen, beauty is often at the center of self care, offering products and practices intended to help you relax. Consumers often turn to practices like a bubble bath or a face mask as a way of winding down, and these seven beauty influencers are touting the particular current importance of this practice.

There will always be a demand for more content, but as influencers like Jackie Aina, Jaclyn Hill, and Addison Rae explained, in these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to take a moment, and breathe.

Below, some of today's biggest beauty influencers shared how they're getting through the pandemic.

Jackie Aina

While Jackie Aina's upload schedule hasn't been affected, she is using any of her time away from the camera to indulge in some self-care. "On a regular day I spend 20 to 30 minutes doing skincare, both morning and evening, and right now, more than ever, I’ve been doing more treatments and also exploring some new products," she told NYLON.

She credits previously working from home as the reason she's been able to continue creating new videos, but she did acknowledge that's remained conscious of her fans. "I think it’s just being aware of what may or may not come across as tone-deaf, and communicating with my audience if something not so recent is being uploaded and I don’t want it to seem out if place. I’m very engaged with my viewers and value their opinion. I always do little temperature checks here and there to see what types of content they want to see," she said.

Along with keeping tabs on the needs of her followers, she's also checking in with herself, and encourages others to do the same. "Take things one day at a time, and every so often don’t forget to stop and check in with yourself and make sure you are okay too," she said.

Arnell Armon

Arnell Armon is making the most of her time in social distancing, sharing that she's been focused on skin care. While she's still indulging in some makeup — only while filming or creating content — she's been using products created to even out her skin, telling NYLON, "Why not use this time to try to improve my skin?"

The YouTuber admitted that being at home has allowed her more time to work on her videos and she's been trying to stick to a goal of posting three times a week. She's not keeping the same schedule with Instagram though, saying, "I hardly get dressed to take photos because I’m not going anywhere so I need to figure out a way to be consistent on there as well."

When she's not preparing her next video or taking some time for her skin care routine, Armon has been talking walks and listening to music. She's also made time for reading and trying out homemade healthy juices. Ultimately, she's tried to find the positive in this situation and encourages others to do the same. "Focus on what you can control. Pray, stay safe and continue to social distance and we will get through this," she said.

Lipsticknick (Nicole Faulkner)

As the current face of Morphe’s Instagram Live series, Lipsticknick, real name Nicole Faulkner, hasn’t been taking a break from beauty. Instead, she’s been experimenting more with her look, gravitating towards cool toned eyeshadows.

Outside of Instagram, the MUA has been listening to her body, and while some days she spends a lot of time on social media, other days she prefers to cuddle up with Netflix. “I’m just taking time for myself when I need to and disconnecting a little bit some days for some me time. It’s hard because I feel like we’re all on our phones so much more now so I'm definitely trying to find that balance,” she said.

Outside of Netflix, Faulkner has been getting into painting and making time for working out. She encourages others to pursue what makes them happy in this moment, saying, “We might never get this much free time again, so try and turn this unusual situation into a positive opportunity to reset your mind and body.”

Antonio Garza

When social distancing was initially introduced, YouTube creator Antonio Garza said that she was "in a state of shock." She told NYLON that there was a time where she didn't feel any desire to post on social media. However, things have changed. "As time went on, I really focused on myself, grounded myself and realized how privileged I am to even be able to work from home, create content and entertain people from my own house. I eventually picked back up and realized I could absolutely make the best out of this situation to try and get the most work done to make myself happy, as well as make my viewers happy. I also realized that this is an optimal time to use my platform for good and preach safe and healthy habits to my audience to help raise awareness for everything going on in the world right now and I’m very lucky to even be able to do that," she said.

Outside of the social media screen, she's made adjustments to her beauty routine including forgoing makeup to give her skin a break and cutting her own into a shoulder-length bob. "I also have given my hair a break from hair extensions and took off my acrylic nails for the first time in years, which has been super eye-opening and a very satisfying experience. It made me realize that I don’t need all these things to feel satisfied with myself. I have learned that it is vital to feel beautiful with yourself with no makeup and that practicing small acts of self-care can really transform your outlook on yourself, raise your self-confidence and seeing that in myself throughout this past month has been really inspiring," she said. As for her chosen acts of self-care, Garza is currently enjoying face masks and using her jade roller.

Jaclyn Hill

When it comes to creating new content, Jaclyn Hill told NYLON that quarantine has made things difficult. "I am taking this time to really focus on self-care. It has been such a great opportunity for personal growth. Being in quarantine has been tough when it comes to creating content , especially for Instagram due to being stuck in one place," she said.

With the added time to her schedule, she's made adjustments to her beauty routine, including discontinuing the use of hot hair tools and following a more minimal makeup look.

When she's not enjoying a face or hair mask, Hill has been catching up with her Netflix favorites, playing Animal Crossing, and coloring. She's using these practices as means of self-care and wants others to use this time to pursue similar things they love. "Try to have a positive mindset during such a dark and scary time. Do your best to use this pandemic as an opportunity to grow and work on yourself, specifically on things you don't normally have time to focus on," she said.

Deepica Mutyala

Deepica Mutyala is trying to have fun with her followers. As so much of the world struggles with the impact of COVID-19, the founder of clean beauty Live Tinted is trying to bring the laughs — telling NYLON that's she enjoyed branching out into posting funny TikTok posts and silly videos. "I think people just want to feel happy now so I hope my content is making them feel that way," she said.

Outside of spreading some joy to others, she's continuing to practice hot yoga, and has been keeping up with classes online. She's also kept consistent with her makeup and skin regimen, but has noted that her skin care game is improving. Making that time for herself is important, and she wants others to do the same, saying, "It's okay to not be okay. Don't let anyone's Instagram feed let you feel otherwise. Protect your mental health and do what you need to do — if that means muting certain people on social, do it. Put yourself first. Beyond that, know that we will get through this. I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but we will. Be kind to yourself during this time."

Addison Rae

For the first time ever, TikTok star Addison Rae has started a skin care routine, and she’s using the time as a means of self-care. While the ongoing pandemic has given her more time to post content and interact with fans, she’s also working on creating new things.

Spending some of her time poolside to pass the time, she’s shifted to wearing blush, highlighter, and mascara, and noted that she’s also done a few treatments, which she credits with making her hair look “healthy and great.”

Although she hasn’t slowed down with the amount of TikTok content she’s posting, Rae does encourage her followers to use this time to their advantage. "Become the healthiest version of who you are physically and mentally. There are so many things you can do at home to practice self care and make yourself feel the best you’ve ever felt,” she said.

Claudia “Norvina” Soare

Claudia Soare — better known online as Norvina — acknowledged that it’s hardly business as usual, saying that she's considering all angles when it came to sharing posts and engaging with fans. “I’m having a hard time deciding what to do. I tend to overthink all angles which leads me to not posting,” she said. Instead of spending time on social media, Soare has turned to biking, calling the 45-minutes she spends riding a retreat.

As for her makeup routine, the Anastasia Beverly Hills president said she’s made one major change. “I haven’t worn false lashes much which is rare for me,” she said. “Aside from that I’m so busy developing products for next year which means I test makeup daily and end up with a full face by noon. Brows are a must, and foundation as I have discoloration that I need to cover up right away to feel awake.”

While things might currently be difficult, she does want followers and fans to know that it will get better. “We all need to take a breath and realize we are in this together. Focus on your wellbeing, be mindful, reach out to old friends, call a family member, and remember to stay positive. This won’t last forever,” she said.

Jordynn Wynn

Even in the midst of managing multiple jobs, Jordynn Wynn is finding time for self-care. The marketing director of ColourPop and co-founder of INH Hair has found that working from home means less time commuting, and while that does provide room for cooking and creating, she's sticking to a daily schedule. "Having a consistent detailed schedule helps me with the stressors of staying in one place all day. And by that I mean a very detailed schedule down to when I am making my first (and second) pot of coffee, when I take my vitamins (a new quarantine habit). Even though very minor, having these additional "tasks" built into my day help me feel a bit more productive/purposeful and helps with anxiety," she said.

Wynn has also started exercising — doing small focused workouts — and still makes time for beauty. "My beauty routine has really been seeing both extreme ends of the spectrum these days," she said. "Majority of the time, I would say I am focusing more on skin and soft glam — a tinted moisturizer, an extreme lip mask, and mascara. Other days, I'm really taking my time and doing some pretty out there or creative looks."