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The Most Iconic MTV VMAs Beauty Looks of the ’90s

And they're all coming back in style.

MTV’s Video Music Awards remains iconic because it has a hand in shaping pop culture. Aside from the awards and the over-the-top performances, it’s all about the looks that keeps us coming back every year. Unlike more formal awards shows, The VMAs are famous for having a red carpet where celebrities can let loose and feel uninhibited. Lucky for us, that creates the opportunity for some incredible, exciting, and wild beauty moments. Gearing up for this year’s show, we looked back at the beauty moments of the VMAs from our favorite decade, the 90s.

Up next, tap through to see some of our favorite ’90s beauty looks from the most fun awards show of the year.

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1990: Madonna

Performing her hit song “Vogue” Madonna practically invented royalcore with her Marie Antoinette style hair and makeup.

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1991: Paula Abdul

Dance icon Paula Abdul’s makeup is peak ’90s. But thin brows, frosty eyeshadow, and thick winged liner have never looked so good.

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1992: Cindy Crawford

It’s Cindy Crawford’s giant poof for us. This Dolly-esque half-up half down style, this gives new definition to the word volume.

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1992: Halle Berry

With short haircuts on the rise, Halle Berry’s super curly pixie looks surprisingly modern. Paired with a deep lip and strong brows, what’s not to love?

Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images
1992: En Vogue

All four ladies of En Vogue looked phenomenal at the 1992 VMAs, but it was Terry Ellis and Maxine Jones’s blunt bangs and highlights that sealed this beauty moment in our minds.

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1993: Courtney Love

One of the most iconic moments in VMA history was Courtney Love arriving with her baby, Frances Bean. Her platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick gave us rock and roll Marilyn Monroe vibes.

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1994: Snoop Dogg

Snoop is the only gangster rapper who can pull off any hairstyle. In 1994 he went for a very bouncy Shirley Temple inspired jerry curl.

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1995: Janet jackson

Janet Jackson’s burgundy pixie cut was everything at the 1995 VMAs. Cut and fluffed just right, the iconic hairstyle shows off her sky high cheek bones.

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1995: TLC

The women of TLC crushed the beauty game in ’95 with a high, curly pony, an angled bob, and heavy side bangs.

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1996: Jenny McCarthy

In 1996 Jenny McCarthy was all about the bounce with her voluminous blonde curls and curtain bangs. With skinny brows, blue shadow, and raisin lipstick she was especially on trend.

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1997: The Spice Girls

You have to love the Spice Girls. At the 1997 VMAs, they were in their prime of ’90s style. From Victoria arched brows to Geri’s wild streaks to Emma’s bold bangs to Melanie’s dark glossy lips, there was a look for every girl to copy that year.

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1997: Mariah Carey

This might be one of Mariah’s most memorable looks from the ’90s. She rocked a heavy side bang and flowing curls with an iconic crop top.

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1998: Gwen Stefani

If there’s one thing about Gwen Stefani, she doesn’t hold back. She looked amazing and avant-garde in this baby blue space bun look with face gems and a red lip.

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1998: Salma Hayek

We feel this look is coming back but in 1998, only Hayek was cool enough to pull off silver glitter eyeshadow and temporary butterfly tattoos.

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1999: Lil Kim

This is Lil’ Kim’s most iconic red carpet look. Her lilac purple wig, fluttery falsies, and perfectly lined lips live forever in MTV VMAs history.

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1999: Christina Aguilera

It was in ’99 that we saw Xtina attend her first VMAs and she did not hold back. Her bright blonde hair, frosty silver smokey eye, and Barbie-pink lips was everything we could want for a pop princess.

Trevor Gillespie/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
1999: Pamela Anderson

’90s Pamela Anderson was all about the glamour and drama. At the 1999 VMAs she wore some serious blue eyeshadow and her signature blonde waves underneath a massive, fluffy pink hat.

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