An Anonymous Group Created Makeup Blenders To Benefit Joe Biden

"Beat your face. Beat Trump."

With only weeks to go until the 2020 presidential election, multiple brands are encouraging Americans to get out and vote. There's no shortage of ways to show support for your chosen candidate and the voting process, and one group has found a way to bring makeup into the mix. An anonymous group debuted Biden Beauty, a brand that's all about supporting the Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The group, which declined to be identified in an interview with NYLON, has made the process of "beating your face," a makeup term used to describe a full face of makeup, political. "Biden Beauty is a collective of beauty industry insiders supporting the Biden/Harris campaign where 100% of the proceeds goes to the DNC. While it’s unofficially associated with the campaign, the Biden/Harris team are fully aware of this initiative that beating your face can beat out Trump," the group said in a statement to NYLON.

For its debut collection, Biden Beauty's featured item is a blue BIDEN beat makeup sponge, which retails for $20.20. The dual-sided product is an actual workable, makeup sponge, and features two pointed ends to blend, beat, and set your favorite beauty products. "BIDEN Beauty put much thought into this makeup sponge. Not only does it come in Democratic blue, it’s dual-sided to help you do the most, and it's also durable, rugged, and dependable. Just like – yep, you got it – Joe Biden," the group writes in a product description.

According to its FAQ section, products are limited in nature, and the group "is a real beauty brand that aims to merge beauty and politics to push forward a message of diversity, inclusivity and agency within the beauty communities – and beyond."

As of yet, there's no additional Biden beauty-related products, but the group does have a hoodie, pins, and tote available on its website. It's already established that merch aimed at encouraging voting is trending, but makeup blenders themed around a possible president are a definite first.