Nylon; Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images; L'Oréal Paris


Camila Cabello’s Must-Have Mascara Is A Drugstore Fave

The singer talks being a L’Oréal Paris ambassador, Y2K trends, and her favorite makeup.

Every year, at the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth event, the brand honors 10 changemakers gathered from all over the country who epitomize extraordinary commitment to our nation's most vulnerable communities through philanthropic action. The event also brings together iconic spokeswomen, influencers, and tastemakers, to help recognize and celebrate the honoree class. Camila Cabello is one such illustrious attendee and now as a L’Oréal Paris ambassador she brings her star power and influence in the beauty space to support the brand’s philanthropic mission.

In addition to being hit-making recording artist, a judge on The Voice, and an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, Camilla is also a beauty lover in her own right. She’s never one to opt out of a bold beauty moment, whether that is mint green hair, butterfly clips, or goth glam black lipstick. “It’s about finding something that’s cohesive with what I’m wearing and trying to create something that’s aesthetically cool,” she says “I think it's a form of play.”

Below, Camila discusses with NYLON the beauty trends she loves, her favorite products, and what it means to be a changemaker.

What was your first beauty memory?

“My first beauty memory was probably in middle school—putting eyeliner on. That was the first time I remember caring about makeup. In the ninth grade for my first day of high school, I straightened my hair and put eyeliner on the bottom lash line. I just wanted to be pretty.”

What’s your relationship with makeup now?

“Lately, because I’ve been working so much, on my days off I just don’t want to wear any makeup. But on the days when I’m working, it’s about finding something that’s cohesive with what I’m wearing and trying to create something that’s aesthetically cool or something that I haven't done before. I think it's a form of play.”

What’s your favorite part about working with L'Oréal Paris?

“My favorite part of working with L'Oréal Paris is how empowering their messages are about women. What we see on TV and in walking around the store influences how we see ourselves and I'm happy that L'Oréal is conscious of that and really tries to empower women to know their power and to feel their best.”

What’s your favorite Y2K makeup trend?

“I love all that Y2K beauty is trending. My birthday party this year was actually 2000s themed. I love pink lip gloss, sparkly, shimmery, silver-purple eyeshadow, and little butterfly clips. It’s so fun and flirty.”

What are some makeup products that you can’t live without?

“I love the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara and Colour Riche Satin lipsticks.”

Is there a beauty hack you’re known for in your friend group?

“I feel like I would be really good at doing other people's makeup because I've learned so much from the number of times I've gotten my makeup done, but all my friends are really good at doing their own makeup now.”

What does being a changemaker look like to you?

“To me, it’s somebody that's involved in their community and knows their power. It doesn’t matter if you have zero followers or a million followers, it’s about making an impact on your community and having that sense of responsibility to the world that you're gonna leave behind.”