Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


Cardi B Truly Outdid Herself With Pearl-Covered Hair

Courtesy of Tokyo Stylez.

Over the past few months, Cardi B has seemingly tried it all with her hair. After debuting gravity-defying heart-shaped hair and a ponytail imprinted with the Louis Vuitton Logo, the rapper unveiled one of her most luxe styles ever. Taking a beauty cue from her pearl-covered dress, Cardi B brought serious sparkle to her hair, wearing braids encrusted in pearls.

Debuting the hairstyle on Monday, September 21, Cardi credited the look to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez. "All white and pearly," she wrote of her Instagram selfie.

As followers of the rapper might remember, this isn't the first time Cardi has used pearls in her beauty routine. For the 2019 Grammys, she added a towering crown of pearls to her elegant updo.

For this latest look, she incorporated elements of white and spots of pearls throughout an entire look. A closeup video provided a better view of her hair, which featured braided tops outlined in pearls. The rest of her hair remained out in loose waves, and on either side of the style, Cardi B had a single braid strung with pearls. "I love myyy hair. I send @tokyostylez a pic of this hairstyle and she execute," Cardi wrote on Instagram.

She carried the evening's theme of pearls into her choice of nails, and displayed an all-white manicure that looked to include pearls along the base of each nail. Her remaining glam included a sharp black eye wing, sky-high lashes, and a dusting of pink eyeshadow along her lids.

Many Instagram followers noted that the look gave Cardi B a definite glow, and the style is just the latest in a number of incredible looks from the rapper. The newest face of Balenciaga previously tried a tri-color dye job, and she even shared the secret mask recipe she uses to keep her hair looking so great.