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Cardi B Debuted A New Three-Toned Dye Job On TikTok

A very on-brand video.

In the most Cardi B fashion imaginable, the rapper returned to TikTok for the first time in months. showing off her dance moves and a new dye job. Never one to settle on a hair color for long, Cardi B unveiled tri-colored hair, showing off her new pink, blonde, and black tresses in a video that's semi-NSFW.

It's been a summer of beauty upgrades for Cardi B, who previously made the very brave decision to go live for four body piercings. Along with changes in tattoos and a brief tenure as the DIY hair mask expert, Cardi B resumed her role as the world's hair color inspiration, changing out her one short pink then blue hair for a long wig with waves.

Cardi B announced her TikTok return on Instagram, writing, "B*tch I done did my first TikTok, well my first one was the wrap challenge...@offsetyrn zoonotic my get gassed." Cardi B's completion of a temporary TikTok vacation is news enough on its own, but her hair, which fades from platinum blonde to hot pink and then black is equally noteworthy.

Posing for some pictures that featured the complete ombré look, Cardi B put her matching manicure — featuring long pink and black tips — on full display. Never one to shy from a matching moment, Cardi B also coordinated her hair with her eye makeup. The makeup mirrored her hair's ombré-effect, with a nude tone at the inner corners transitioning into a bubble gum pink for the edges.

She kept the color theme going with her choice of wardrobe, paring a pink bikini top with dark pants, and lots of sparkly jewelry. And while there's no word on what Cardi's next TikTok video might entail, based on her beauty evolution, it's likely this won't be the last time you catch a glimpse of a new style via her social media presence.