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Cardi B Shared A Rare Peek At Her Nails Without Those Wild Extensions

She went pink and short.

Much like her endless array of colorful wigs, unforgettable manicures are a signature part of Cardi B's beauty routine. Although fans may have grown accustomed to her frequently changing up her nails for something new and even longer than before, her latest set has her taking a break from the nail norm. For an Instagram photo posted on Thursday, May, Cardi B showed off a set of short — for her — pink nails.

"Baby I got you," she captioned the photo of her seated on a bed. Although only one hand visible in the picture, it's apparent that Cardi went with trimmed tips. In addition to a change in length, she also chose a new mani shade of paler pink, which comes just weeks after she debuted a bright pink mani that matched her bow-shaped hair.

The surprisingly short nails aren't the only thing worth paying attention to in this photo. Cardi B took a moment to get glam for the picture, showing off eyes outlined with black liner that points sharply outward. She finished off the makeup with neutral lip coloring.

Also ditching her lengthy hair extensions for the photo, Cardi B wears soft ringlets. Her hair is two-toned, transitioning from a blonde shade at the top to a darker shade of brown for the ends. The entire beauty routine earned some love from Instagram followers, who wrote, "been serving looks all quarantine" and "Hair super lit."

See the moment of glam, below.