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Charli & Dixie D'Amelio Team Up With Morphe 2 On A Glossy New Collection

Find out what's featured in the second drop from Morphe 2.

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TikTok stars and sisters, Dixie and Charli D'Amelio have teamed up with Morphe 2 for another collection aimed at giving you a year-round glow.

Back in July, the pair were announced as the faces of Morphe 2, a sub-collection of the Morphe brand specifically geared towards Gen-Z. Following an inaugural campaign in which the sisters served up beauty routines that were heavy on gloss and glow, they've returned, fronting a second drop of goodies.

Five new Morphe 2 products will debut on on Thursday, September 10. Much like the debut Morphe 2 collection, this second line features makeup geared towards creating a soft, minimalistic looks.

The new collection focuses heavily on the lips, with the launch of five shimmering shades of Happy Glaze Lip Gloss ($9), four shades of nourishing L-Balm Lip Balm ($8), and a hydrating lip scrub called Prep Polish Lip Scrub ($8).

There's also the Brow Crush Tinted Brow Gel ($7), available in five shades, and the Gleamcatcher Illuminator ($14), a silky illuminator in three shades that adds a touch of glow to your daily routine. The products are all intended to work together and combine with the previously unveiled Morphe 2 items, including Jelly Eye Shimmer shadow and Hint Hint Skin Tint, a hydrating fluid tint for the skin that comes in 20 shades.

Over the past few months, the D'Amelio sisters have popped up in campaigns for multiple beauty brands. The pair previously created a line of nail polish for Orosa Beauty, and Dixie was selected as the face of Dermalogica.

Admire the complete collection, below.

Courtesy of Morphe

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