y2k spiky updos at christopher john rogers 2022
Aaron Weiss


Christopher John Rogers Gave the Y2K Spiky Updo A Modern Update At His Latest Show

Key hairstylist Naeemah LaFond created the look inspired by “growing up in Brooklyn in the 90’s”.

Showing on Tuesday, June 7, Christopher John Rogers Collection 010 was gorgeously vibrant and created the latest buzz in the fashion industry. The young designer was not shy about displaying bold colors and prints accessorized with gorgeous headwear and on some models, an unexpected hairstyle— the Y2K spiky bun— although this time with a fresh twist. Mixing his innovative fashion concepts with exciting nostalgic feels certainly reminds us why the Soho designer is rapidly rising on the fashion scene. Personally, I remember growing up wearing the fan ponytails and spikes ends of twisted bun when I was old enough to style my own hair. It definitely reminds me of summer days on my homegirl’s stoop in Brooklyn, and that’s exactly what Naaemah LaFond, Amika global artistic director and key hair stylist for CJR show wanted us to feel. “This season for Christopher John Rogers, I’m tapping into visuals I was inspired by when growing up in Brooklyn in the ’90s,” she said of the shows twisted buns, and downtown cool braids.

Aaron Weiss
Aaron Weiss
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As we forge ahead trending the latest fashion in our unique way, let’s not forget the trends that were a staple back in the day that are reemerging today. “This corkscrewed spikey knot look is achieved using techniques I learned from local black hair salons and black hair magazines,” LaFond explains. “The spikey-firm look was achieved using freeze spray and high heat on extensions to create banana curls and usually accompanied by an elaborate updo. For CJR Collection 010, we’ve modernized the style with a twisted knot and sculpted spikes with the banana curl technique.” And if you’re wondering exactly how to get these extreme gravity defying shapes to stay put, “[Amika] Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray is the hero product for this chic upstyle and helps us to ensure the freeze strong hold,” says LaFond. “This nostalgic silhouette is sure to be a head turner for the coming season.” We have to agree.

Here’s a step-by-by step to get the look from LaFond, using the Amika products used at the show:

  • Cut 1.5-inch pieces of wefted hair. Spray generously with Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray. Straighten with The Conductor Styler straightener and cut ends to make pointed.
  • Smooth hair into high pony with Curl Corps Enhancing Gel using a grooming brush and secure with bungee.
  • Wrap base with small piece of hair.
  • Pin two spikes onto the base of the ponytail with bobby pins.
  • Separate ponytail into two pieces and saturate with the Enhancing Gel.
  • Twist each piece into the base of the pony in twirling motion and secure with pins.
  • Finish by spraying with Top Gloss Shine Spray for high shine.